We Make RFID Easy

We’ve seen it all! Ask us for help with RFID

We Make RFID Easy

We’ve seen it all! Ask us for help with RFID


Argo brings 15+ years of RFID consultancy and project leadership

Cables & Connectors

Custom-made RFID antenna cables from Argo Wireless are the best way to ensure maximum performance while saving money


Argo Wireless antennas are designed for a wide range of applications and environments

Join forces with the Argonauts!

Join the Argo RFID Partner Program and become a part of the revolution in RFID technology! We are seeking RFID resellers, software companies, and system integrators to team with Argo to jointly develop cutting-edge solutions to streamline operations and improve process automation.

Our business model is a bit different than other RFID Partner Programs. You will own the customer relationship. You will never have to worry about Argo underbidding you or selling directly to the end customer. Our end goal is to work through our partners in a wide range of industries.

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Who are the Argonauts?

In Ancient Greek mythology, the Argonauts were brave warriors who chartered new waters on the first sailing vessel – the Argo Navis. They sailed to the end of the earth in search of the golden fleece. Argo Wireless is providing a modern version of that story by working with our partners to provide customers with the RFID solutions they need to chart a new course to improve the operational efficiency of their businesses. We have 15+ years of experience and have the know-how to help with any of your RFID project needs, no matter how big or small.