The Argo Wireless Antenna Portfolio offers a complete range of RFID antennas that are specifically designed to match the needs for the most common use cases. Our line of high-performance RFID antennas offer the best results for a wide range of asset-tracking applications.

Low Profile

Ultra-thin ½ inch (14mm)

10 inch (250mm) square

IP67 rating

For outdoor or indoor use.

High performance

Universal indoor/outdoor high performance 9dBic antenna


Designed to support either flush or VESA mount


Antenna quality can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the hardware systems delivered to your customers.


IP67 rugged design and various mounting options make our antennas suitable for indoor or outdoor use in hazardous environments.


Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you with any antenna questions to make sure your deployment succeeds.

New High Performance and Low Cost RFID Antenna

Specifically designed for large-scale manufacturing operations, the new 10 inch (250mm) square Argo product retains unique ultra-thin ½ inch (14mm) form and adds IP67 rating for ease of outdoor or indoor use.

The low profile product design combined with the choice of a high volume manufacturer allows the Argo antenna to position as both the best value and best performing antenna in its class.

Having listened to customer demand to be able to meet all their antenna needs, Argo Antenna delivers a universal indoor/outdoor high performance 9dBic antenna.