The AW-ANT-M10-AF00: Versatile, Weatherproof, Cost-Effective

by | Dec 5, 2023

As an RFID system integrator or reseller, your operation’s success and reputation depend on your ability to resolve your customers’ tracking challenges with innovative configurations. In a growing business, volumes increase, and RFID capacity needs to grow accordingly. An effective system expansion or new build requires three factors: quality equipment, cost-effectiveness, and knowledge.

Argo Wireless provides everything you need to improve your customers’ efficiency and streamline their operation with our AW-ANT-M10-AF00 antenna. Like all of our equipment, it is top-of-the-line, customizable, and durable. More importantly, you have access to Argo’s significant knowledge base. We’re here to support you and your customer accounts, not to compete with you.

Quality Equipment – The AW-ANT-M10-AF00

For an RFID deployment to go smoothly, the equipment you choose must be able to operate effectively under any conditions it will be exposed to. If you install it outdoors, harsh temperatures or extreme weather should all be in a day’s work.

Argo’s AW-ANT-M10-AF00 antenna withstands anything the weather can throw at it. Its long beam range in the 902-928 MHz band gives you the most functionality possible at the greatest distance. And, with ever-higher volumes requiring larger systems, its small, aesthetically pleasing form factor fits easily anywhere, even in crowded conditions. At 305x305x25 mm (about 12x12x1”), you get expanded tracking capacity in a small package. 


Argo provides RFID antennas only to our partners, including RFID resellers, software companies, and system integrators. We do not sell to end customers, so we’re not in competition with you. Instead, we provide technical support and very attractive wholesale pricing, leaving you in an advantageous cost position.


Each RFID deployment is different, and when the unexpected occurs, you have the full support of the Argo Wireless team. We’re your ancillary tech support staff and are by your side as much as you need us.

Integrate Argo Wireless into your next project for equipment, consulting, process engineering, RFID site surveys, and support. We are the RFID experts who can simplify even the most complex RFID projects. We believe that your success is our success, so contact us today and find out how our Partnership Program can propel your business forward.