Argo Flush-Mount Antennas: Safely Out of the Way

by | Dec 21, 2023

Flush-Mount RFID Antennas

When your customers need RFID solutions for busy environments, the last thing they need is for the movement of equipment or products to damage their RFID antennas. Not only is it costly to repair or replace equipment, but it also slows down their work and leaves gaps in the operational information they need.

When you’re installing the antennas, you need the process to be straightforward, with as little damage to walls as possible. Each thing you need to repair after installation adds to your costs and time for the project.

The Argo Wireless ANT M20-BF00

The Argo Wireless ANT M20-BF00 flush-mount antenna solves these challenges. Its exceptionally low profile of 13 mm or about .5 inch keeps it out of the way of heavy carts, forklifts, and other equipment passing by.

Installation is easy with its flush-mounted profile. The flush-mounting leaves walls in good shape, simplifying deployment, and it has a hole in each corner for screw mounting if needed.

This high-performance antenna has a gain of 8.5 dB and a versatile read range of up to 15 feet. You can mount it at waist level to pick up carts moving down the hallway, and it will quickly read all the assets. The ANT M20-BF00 is designed for RFID applications in the 902-928 MHz range and has a high gain equivalent to bulkier antennas.


While these antennas are great for warehouses and distribution centers, they’re also great for any facility that tracks the comings and goings of equipment, products, or materials.

  • Consider it for customer-facing areas. The discreet profile hides it in plain sight.
  • Track in hallways near doors
  • Mount near a conveyor belt
  • Track baggage at an airport
  • Track electronics movement room-to-room
  • Tool and equipment management in wide shelves or bins
  • Install it for retail applications
  • Monitor the whereabouts of medical equipment
  • Can be mounted on the opposite side of RF friendly materials like wood for a more discrete installation

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