7 Tips for Successful Installation of RFID Cables and Connectors

by | Mar 25, 2024

The efficiency of RFID systems heavily relies on the proper installation and maintenance of coax cables and connectors for RFID solutions. At Argo Wireless, we understand the intricacies involved in setting up these systems. Here are seven critical tips to ensure successful RFID cabling:

  1. Avoid Coiling the Cable: Coiling excess cable is a common mistake that can induce interference and degrade performance. It’s crucial to use custom-length cables to avoid this issue. For instance, if your setup requires 12 feet of cable, get it cut to that length or a bit longer to allow for some slack. This practice not only enhances performance but also results in a cleaner and more professional installation.
  2. Understand Insertion Loss: The amount of signal loss (insertion loss) varies with cable length and thickness. Thicker cables generally experience less loss. While a short 8-foot cable might not exhibit significant loss, extending it to 35 feet could lead to noticeable performance degradation. It’s essential to select the right cable size for your specific application.
  3. Proper Torque Application: Knowing how tightly to screw down connections is vital for ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Over-tightening can damage the cable or connectors, while under-tightening might result in a loose connection.
  4. Outdoor Installation Considerations: When installing RFID cables outdoors, protecting them from moisture is critical. Use weatherproofed cabling and connectors, and ensure all outdoor connections are adequately sealed.
  5. Managing Cable Bends: Sharp bends in cabling can damage the internal structure and impair performance. Always follow the minimum bend radius specifications for the cable you are using to prevent damage.
  6. Inspection During Installation: Regularly inspect the installation process. Look for any signs of pinching, sharp bends, or environmental threats (like moisture or heat sources) that could affect the cable’s integrity.
  7. Effective Labeling: Proper labeling is crucial for future maintenance and troubleshooting. Argo uses heat shrink labels and can pre-label cables, or use a permanent marker to label your cables. This step helps in easily identifying and managing the cables during and after installation.

Implementing these tips will lead to a more efficient and reliable RFID system, reducing downtime and maintenance costs in the long run. At Argo Wireless, we are committed to providing our partners with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful RFID implementation, as well as, the best American Made coax cable assemblies on the market at a great value.