RIFIDI Pi Embedded Appliance

$ 595.00


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  • Just plug in your RFID reader or sendor
  • Designed for embedded solutions like kiosks
  • Low cost and lower TCO
  • Hardware and Software
  • Easy to install, Easy to use
  • Accelerates RFID application development and integration
  • Scalable, high-performance platform
  • Full integration with the Cloud and Social Media


The RIFIDI® Pi Embedded Appliance is your best choice for lightweight, integrated RFID deployments like next generation smart devices in dressing rooms, tables, POS, kiosks, shelves and end caps. It comes with the embedded version of RIFIDI ® Edge Server pre-installed and includes one year of free support. Just plug in your sensor, build your app (using the RIFIDI® SDK) and define your business events (event stream processing – SQL like.) Then integrate the solution into your backend system such as the cloud or social media.

  • Fully functional Embedded Rifidi Edge Server is included and preinstalled on box
  • Full integration capabilities with the Cloud and Social Media
  • Low power supply needed (1,5 Watts)
  • All the benefits of an Edge Server (Sensor Adapters, Event Filtering, Communication, Integration with Enterprise, Configurable)
  • Additional sensor or reader devices supported through serial, usb, wifi and bluetooth interfaces
  • Out of the box Sensor Adapters/Sensor API
  • Full Sensor Event Processing Services and Language
  • Customized Pi Appliances available upon request
  • Alien 8800, Alien 9800
  • AWID 2010, AWID 3014
  • ThingMagic Mercury4/5/Astra
  • Impinj Speedway Revolution and XPortal
  • Thinkify
  • Bar code devices
  • Extensible custom Sensor API and all LLRP compliant readers

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