RIFIDI Edge Server

$ 1,950.00


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  • Software bundled on a thin client server
  • Requires additional customization
  • Turn tag reads into events
  • Custom business rules engine 
  • International deployment and user-base
  • Easy Integration with Cloud  (Amazon, Azure, Salesforce.com)
  • IoT Plaforms (AWS IoT, Thingworx),
  • Databases, web services, REST, JMS & MQTT. 


Develop and deploy your enterprise-wide RFID and sensor-based business solutions in the industry’s leading, scalable appliance, pre-loaded with the software you need. Suitable for asset tracking, inventory control and inventory management, this is the right choice for a wide range of environments and climates.   The appliance comes with the RIFIDI® Edge Server pre-installed and includes one year of support. Just plug in your reader and connect it to your backend system.

  • Low cost and lower TCO
  • Just plug in your readers
  • Accelerates RFID application development and integration
  • High-performance device with low power needs
  • All Inclusive Box requires no further hardware
  • Plugs into network either via Wifi or Ethernet
  • Fully functional Rifidi Edge Server is included and preinstalled on box
  • Low power supply needed (20 Watts)
  • Supports up to 15 readers through ethernet interface
  • Additional sensor/reader devices supported through serial, usb, wifi and  bluetooth interfaces
  • Benchmarked for a 1,000 tag reads per second
  • Customized boxes available upon request
  • Alien 8800
  • Alien 9800
  • AWID 2010
  • AWID 3014
  • ThingMagic
  • Impinj
  • Motorola Fixed/Handhelds Sirit, Thinkify TR-50/200
  • Handheld and Smartphone Adapter
  • Bar code devices
  • Extensible custom Sensor API
  • ALL LLRP compliant readers

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