Asset Tracking Tool

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  • Software bundled on a thin client server
  • Licensed turn key solution
  • Requires 1 RFID reader or sensor device
  • Turn tag reads into events
  • Custom business rules engine 
  • International deployment and user-base
  • Easy Integration with Cloud  (Amazon, Azure,
  • IoT Plaforms (AWS IoT, Thingworx),
  • Databases, web services, REST, JMS & MQTT. 


The Asset Tracking Tool records the last seen location for an asset and keeps a history of all locations the asset has been seen. Tracking assets allows you to increase asset utilization, identify the last known location, automate workflow processes and reduce lost items.

Key Components: RIFIDI Box Appliance (which includes RIFIDI Edge Server), Asset Tracking Application Module and Postgresql Database (with associated asset tracking database schema).

Out of the Box Business Events (Configurable – no coding required): Arrived and Departed events delivered to the channel of your choice such as database, email and/or MQTT.

Easy Integration with Cloud (Amazon, Azure,,  IoT Plaforms (AWS IoT, Thingworx), databases, web services, email, REST, JMS & MQTT.

This solution can be customized through the RIFIDI SDK (To add business events and/or integration services such as Amazon Web Services) and by leveraging Transcends consulting services.

Note: The asset tracking box is a Rifidi Box Appliance that has been optimized for asset tracking with modifications and additional software not available on the standard Rifidi Edge Server. 



The Rifidi Box is your appliance for RFID deployments. The appliance comes with the Rifidi Edge Server preinstalled and 1 year support. Just plug in your reader and connect it to your backend system. RFID deployments are now made easy. This RFID software platform is completely customizable by your own development team or have the professionals at Argo and Transcends provide a custom solution to fit your specific business needs.

  • Fully functional Rifidi Edge Server is included and preinstalled on box
  • Low power supply needed (20 Watts)
  • Supports up to 10 readers through ethernet interface
  • Additional sensor/reader devices supported through serial, usb, wifi and bluetooth interfaces
  • Benchmarked for a 1,000 tag reads per second
  • Customized boxes available upon request
  • Alien 8800
  • Alien 9800
  • AWID 2010
  • AWID 3014
  • ThingMagic
  • Impinj
  • Motorola Fixed/Handhelds Sirit, Thinkify TR-50/200
  • Handheld and Smartphone Adapter
  • Bar code devices
  • Extensible custom Sensor API
  • ALL LLRP compliant readers

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