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  • Licensed software solution - Including a handheld interface
  • Additional readers or equipment sold separately
  • Can scale with more handhelds or fixed portal readers
  • Turn tag reads into events
  • Custom business rules engine 
  • International deployment and user-base
  • Easy Integration with Cloud  (Amazon, Azure,
  • IoT Plaforms (AWS IoT, Thingworx),
  • Databases, web services, REST, JMS & MQTT. 



The Inventory Control tool allows you to perform inventory cycle counting efficiently on tagged assets. Cycle counting with a handheld is typically ten times faster than using barcodes, and frequent cycle counting significantly increases accuracy. Using the Inventory Control tool with a RFID handheld ensures high inventory accuracy, speeds up cycle counts, reduces labor costs and frees up staff from mundane tasks.

Key Components: RIFIDI Box Appliance (which includes RIFIDI Edge Server), Inventory Control Application Module, MySQL Database (with associated asset tracking schema)and  Handheld User Interface (Motorola and Psion supported). Out of the Box Business Events (Configurable): Inventory Cycle Counts   This solution can be customized through the RIFIDI SDK (To add business events and/or integration services such as Amazon Web Services) and by leveraging Transcends consulting services.

Complete Solutions Available: Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Inventory Management, Access Control, and Custom Solutions.

Typical Applications: Retail Store Front, Laboratory Tracking, Tool Crib, POS, Recreation (Ski, Motor Cross, BMX), Hotel/Resort Management, Event Management, Supply Chain, Transportation, Security, and many others.



Along with the industry's best RFID hardware this kit comes with a Rifidi Asset Tracking Tool that is preloaded with RFID server software and a handheld application to handle all of your tag event information and send it upstream to your back end system. The appliance comes with the Rifidi Edge Server preinstalled and 1 year of technical support from Transcends. Plug and play setup with minimal configuration makes RFID deployments fast and easy.  

This Solution Includes:

  • Handheld interface application
  • (1) - Transcends RIFIDI Box Appliance
  • (1) - Power supply
  • Fully functional Rifidi Edge Server is included and preinstalled on box
  • Low power supply needed (20 Watts)
  • Supports up to 10 readers through ethernet interface
  • Additional sensor/reader devices supported through serial, usb, wifi and bluetooth interfaces
  • Benchmarked for a 1,000 tag reads per second
  • Customized boxes available upon request
  • Alien 8800
  • Alien 9800
  • AWID 2010
  • AWID 3014
  • ThingMagic
  • Impinj
  • Motorola Fixed/Handhelds Sirit, Thinkify TR-50/200
  • Handheld and Smartphone Adapter
  • Bar code devices
  • Extensible custom Sensor API
  • ALL LLRP compliant readers

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