Impinj GPIO Box

$ 295.00


  • General input / output device for Impinj Speedway Readers
  • Provide users with tag read confirmation with external light stacks
  • Start or stop a Speedway Revolution Reader with an external sensor



Impinj designed the Speedway® Revolution GPIO Box for use with the Speedway® Revolution reader to provide convenient access to the reader’s GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output)port. The GPIO Box interfaces with the reader via a supplied HD15 cable, and separates each input and output signal to easy-access screw terminals.

  • Neighboring ground and power terminals accompany each signal terminal to easily connect three-wire devices 
  • The GPIO Box also includes an on-board relay to interface with devices that require high wattage or an open/short signal 
  • Easy-access screw terminals 
  • Power and ground terminals for each input and output 
  • Each output can provide 250mA at 24VDC with optional external universal power supply
  • SPDT Relay output capable of 5A at 240VAC
  • Ability to use reader-supplied 5V for low power digital applications
  • Highly visible LED indicators for each input and output eases troubleshooting and diagnostics 
  • Access to reader’s RS-232 serial interface