Brickyard Antenna

$ 335.00


The Brickyard near-field reader antenna is a key enabling technology for UHF Gen2 Item-Level Tagging systems. The Brickyard is optimized to read near-field tags placed on products with a variety of packaging options including plastic bottles and metal foil blister packs as well as different contents such as powders, pills and even liquids.

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It can be used in retail and pharmaceutical applications, library systems, document control, check out counters and many other applications requiring a short and constrained read range. The Brickyard antenna is designed for operation with the Impinj Speedway® reader as well as other “Powered by Impinj” RFID readers.

Product Features 

Near-field RFID operation to enable reading / writing of Item Level Tags

Works with UHF Gen2 RFID tags that incorporate an inductive near-field component

Works great reading the Button™, Paperclip™ and Satellite™ tags

Table top or table bottom mounting

Applications include retail, industrial, pharma, check in / check out

Built in 2M cable with RP-TNC connection