Antenna Hub Cables

$ 721.20


Save $80.00 by Ordering a Complete Antenna Hub Cable Set

This custom cable set is for the 8-Port Impinj Antenna Hub. You will get 10 cables made to your specifications that will be individually labeled 1 through 8, Control, and POE for each of the reader and control ports. This is the cheapest and most convenient way to order cables for a the Impinj Antenna Hub. 

All cabling is made to order with your specifications and is tested in our laboratory facility to guarantee proper grounding and connectivity. Perfect no hassle solution for your next Smart Shelf application using the Impinj Antenna Hub and Antenna Hub Controller


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Product Features

Choose the opposite gender for the cable connectors vs. the ones used on the antenna. 

Kit comes with 8 antenna cables, 1 control cable, and 1 POE Ethernet cable

The control cable is a standard RP-TNC Male / SMA Male to connect from the reader to the control port on the antenna hub

POE Ethernet cable is connected from the Hub Controller Port to the Antenna Hub Port. This cable supplies the switching command signal from the controller to the hub

If the antenna uses an SMA Female (Impinj setup); then the cable should have a SMA Male connector.

If the antenna uses an N-Type Female (Motorola setup); then the cable should have a N-Type Male connector