Omni-ID IQ 150

$ 780.00


Roll of 1000
For Custom Quantities or Special ApplicationsĀ Call 888-233-ARGO

Read Range - up to 16'

Length 2.4" x Width 0.5" x Thick 0.035"

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Designed to work on metal objects like:

  • IT, Office, Logistics, Hospital assets, and more... 
  • Omni-ID IQ 150 is a small footprint, premium RFID label product. 
  • Low profile, easy to deploy label
  • Innovative construction and thermal barcode printer compatibility
  • Designed for the office environment
  • The IQ 150 provides strong performance on metal assets in a small easy to deploy label
  • The IQ 150 is suitable for extended use and is resistant to scratching, peeling and UV degradation


  • Ultimate reliability and accuracy on any material in any environment
  • Optimized to perform equally well both on, off, and near metal
  • Very small form factor
  • High-performance, short-range read
  • 240 bit EPCglobal Class-1 Gen2-compliant Silicon
  • Ideal for inventory control or location monitoring for high-value metal or liquid assets