Omni-ID Exo 210 (Pack of 10)

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10 Pack of Asset Tags

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Omni-ID Exo 210 is a low profile, small form factor durable RFID tag. Designed with a tough, yet flexible, encapsulation, Exo 210 can be applied in locations where human handling may occur. High impact and vibration performance, ensure the Exo 210 can be deployed in harsh industrial and outdoor environments for prolonged periods.


The Omni-ID Exo 210 has an extremely tough and flexible form factor that is well suited for attachment to metal tools


RFID Tag Features

Rigid case: 62.5mm x 9.4mm x 3.6mm

Read Range: 3m


Read range of up to 3m

For use on metal or plastic assets

512-bit memory capacity

240 bit EPCglobal Class-1 Gen2-compliant Silicon

RFID Tag Applications

Hand Tools Including Wrenches or Ratchets

Fixed and Mobile Industrial Equipment

Field IT Assets