Speedway Connect

$ 250.00


Easily move beyond bar code to RFID with Speedway Connect.

This is licensed software for the Impinj Speedway Revolution reader and XPortal.


Enable a simplified graphical user interface for basic reader settings and data output options

including USB-HID, serial, TCP/IP, and other formats for change-free integration with existing applications.

Any current solution that uses bar code or manual item or SKU data entry can be converted to RFID in a matter of minutes.

Very simple integration option for first time RFID users and projects requiring a small number of readers or tagged items.

Call our systems professionals to discuss your ideas and requirements to see if Speedway Connect is right for your project.

  • Embedded Application for Speedway Revolution or XPortal
  • Easy to use GUI for basic reader configuration 
  • Reader settings include reader mode, search mode, and session
  • Antenna settings include transmit power, receive sensitivity, enable antennas, and start and stop triggers for GPI applications involving photo eyes, pressure switches, and mag switches. 
  • Output options: USB via Keyboard Wedge(USB-HID), RS-232, TCP Port HTTP Post 
  • Great option for simple applications where a barcode reader has been used previously
  • RFID tag lists can easily be sent to most standard office applications