Console Cable

$ 25.00


The Speedway Revolution Console Cable is for connecting to the Impinj RShell administrative consoleĀ 


Required cable used to set up and troubleshoot any Impinj fixed device

  • RJ45 to DB9 connection 
  • Cisco console pin out 
  • 18 inch overall length


Note: Your PC must have a serial or DB9 connection to use this cable.

An after market USB to Serial converter is highly recommended as standard equipment for initial setup and troubleshooting for all Impinj RFID readers. 

It is recommended to purchase a USB to serial converter to connect the console cable to your PC, because most modern computers and laptops do not have a serial port. If the reader is already installed or in a hard to reach place the additional length of a separate serial cable will be very helpful helpful for troubleshooting.