$ 145.00


The MT-262006/TRH/A/K antenna from MTI Wireless Edge is a high power low cost reader antenna solution. The 9 db of gain will help power you through challenging tag read environments and enable your RFID solution to achieve noticeable performance improvement. With a low installation and maintenance cost, these antennas will satisfy your need for performance while maintaining an aesthetic look.

All MTI products meet FCC requirements for RFID electrical and RF environmental standards. It just makes sense to choose a product that meets your performance needs while saving you money over the competition.

Frequency: 902-928MHz

Gain: 9 dBic

Right hand circular polarized for general purpose use when tag orientation is not known

Horizontal Beamwidth: 63 degrees

Vertical Beamwidth: 63 degrees

Connector: Reverse Polarity TNC female (50 ohm)

Designed for medium to long range from 3-20 feet

Operating Temperature: -55°C to +71°C

Water Tightness: IP67

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1 in

MT-120018 antenna mounting kit sold separately