Laird NF - Dual Slant

$ 155.00


Laird Technologies’ RF system engineering and antenna design technologies improve RFID read rates by optimizing the reader-tag communication link in this unique application environment. A Laird near field antenna with a dual slant design features 2 antennas in one enclosure for extra RF saturation in dense product.



  • Dual Slant has 2 antennas in one design
  • Near-field RFID operation to enable reading / writing of Item Level Tags
  • Works with UHF Gen2 RFID tags that incorporate an inductive near-field component
  • Can also read far field tags with amazing performance
  • Works great reading the Button™, Paperclip™ and Satellite™ tags
  • Table top or table bottom mounting
  • Applications include retail, industrial, pharma, check in / check out
  • Built in 2 x 2M cable with RP-TNC connection.