Impinj LHCP Antenna

$ 180.00


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  • Left hand circular polarized far field antenna
  • Designed to read many items at the same time
  •  Most popular antenna designed to work on most applications



Impinj's robust general purpose RFID antennas provide high-performance functions across all popular domestic and international UHF RFID frequencies for indoor and outdoor use. An industry renowned design methodology means achieving maximum efficiency and performance across the entire frequency band for your solution.

Product Features 

Far field LHCP (FCC) compliant antenna

Compact form fact measuring 25.9 x 25.9 x 3.8 cm 

Left hand circular polarized

Great for general purpose use when tag orientation is not known

Integrated 2.4 m pigtail cable with a female RP-TNC connector

Designed for medium to long range from 3-20 feet