GPIO Adapter for Antenna Hub

$ 150.00


The Impinj Antenna Hub Controller is the device that coordinates the switching of transmit and receive RF power for to up to 4 antenna hubs.

Each antenna hub supports up to 8 antennas making a maximum of 32 antennas per reader.

The Impinj Antenna Hub Controller is the center device that can enable a whole new category of new smart shelf and smart work space solutions and devices. 

Product Features 

Extend the functionality of a single reader with up to 32 separate antennas

Bring down the per antenna cost for smart shelves and smart cabinets. 

Enable intelligent show cases and continuous security for high value items

For use with Impinj antenna hubs

Controls the operations from 1 to 4 antenna hubs

Perfect application for smart shelves, storage areas, or very granular RFID read applications. 

A hub controller must be used with the antenna hub