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How to install a simple switch with the GPIO and the Impinj Speedway Revolution Reader

Document Overview 

  • Wire up a simple switch to turn off / on a Speedway Revolution reader using Speedway Connect and a GPIO box.

Equipment Needed:

  • 1 – Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID reader with Speedway Connect correctly installed and configured
  • 1 – USB B to USB A cable
  • 1 – Power supply with US power cord
  • 1 – Impinj GPIO box
  • 1 – 15 pin straight cable supplied with the GPIO box
  • 1 – Simple toggle switch of your choice (not powered)
  • 1 – Precision flat screw driver to tighten the wire harness
  • 1 – RJ45 network patch cable
  • 6-12 Inches of 20 Gage wire. Cut to desired length.
  • 1 – Pair of wire strippers

Process Flow

  1. Open the clear case of the GPIO box to expose the components inside. See Figure 1.
  2. Orientate the open GPIO box with the external power connection at the bottom and the cable gland facing on the right. See Figure 1.
  3. Locate the 3 power jumpers at the bottom of the box. They will be just to the left of the external power supply connection and just to the right of the 15 pin connection.
  4. Move the bottom 2 jumpers to the left position. This jumper setting will power the GPIO box off of the 5VDC coming directly from the reader. Make sure the top jumper is set to the right.
  5. There are a total of 8 wiring banks on the GPIO unit, with the 4 on the left being GPIs and the 4 on the right being GPOs. Each one is numbered, from 1 – 4, from left to right. Each bank is wired similarly:
    1. Pin 1: Ground
    2. Pin 2: IN(1-4)/OUT(1-4)
    3. Pin 3: 5VDC+
  6. Connect 1 lead of the switch to GPI-1 Pin 2 or (IN1) as it is labeled on the circuit board. Connect the second lead of the switch to GPI-1 Pin 3 or (VCC) as it is labeled on the circuit board. Tighten the wire in the circuit board using a flat precision screwdriver. When the switch is turned off the circuit will be open, which will prevent the 5VDC from reaching the GPI so the reader will be off. When the switch is turned to the on position the circuit will be closed allowing 5VDC to go into the GPI, which will turn the reader on.
  7. Secure the switch and then close the lid on the GPIO box.
  8. Connect the 15 pin cable supplied with the GPIO box from the GPIO box to the Speedway revolution reader GPIO port.
  9. Connect an antenna to the reader. Make sure Speedway Connect is configured correctly with the correct antenna and power settings.
  10. Make sure the switch on the GPIO is in the off position.
  11. Connect the network patch cable from the reader’s Ethernet port to a network port on the host PC. Make sure both reader and host PC are on the same sub network.
  12. Power up the reader by connecting the external power supply to the reader.
  13. Once the reader is powered up, enter the Speedway Connect web console by entering the IP address of the reader along with :8080 in a standard web browser like Internet Explorer.
    1. Example:
  14. Log into the reader using the following information:
    1. Username: root
    2. Password: impinj
    3. You will now be at the Speedway Connect web console menu. See Figure 2.
  15. Navigate to the Reader Settings tab and locate the Triggers box.
  16. To turn the reader on when the switch is on, and to turn the reader off when the switch is turned off; configure with the following settings:
    1. Start Trigger:
      1. Set Start: GPI
      2. Set Port: 1
      3. Set Event: Low
    2. Stop Trigger:
      1. Set Start: GPI
      2. Set Port: 1
      3. Set Event: High
  17. Configure Speedway Connect for USB keyboard emulation as the data output and connect the USB cable from the reader’s USB device port to the host PC.
  18. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to make the changes active.
  19. Open up a simple application like Notepad and place the cursor on the screen.
  20. Place a tag on the antenna.
  21. Flip the switch on the GPIO box to the ON position. Tag data should appear on the screen. Turn the switch to the OFF position. Place new tags on the antenna. No new tag data should populate the application, also the antenna LED(s) should be off. Flip ON the switch once again and the new tag data should now populate the screen. 



          Figure 1: Inside the Impinj GPIO Box 
                                    Figure 2: Speedway Connect Reader GPIO Settings