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How to set a static IP address on the Impinj Speedway Revolution Reader

Document Overview 

  • Connect and configure a console connection, and log into RShell on the Speedway Revolution Reader
  • Set a static IP address on the Speedway Revolution Reader through a console connection 

Equipment Needed:

  • 1 – Impinj Speedway Revolution Reader
  • 1 – Power supply and US power cable
  • 1 – Console cable
  • 1 – USB to Serial adapter (if your computer does not have a serial port)

Process Flow

  1. Connect and install a serial to USB adapter of your choice to your host PC. Install the software as per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. Connect the USB end of the adapter into the host PC. Allow the computer to perform the auto plug and play configuration.
  3. Enter the control panel of the host PC and open up the device manager. For Win 7 the path is Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Device Manager. Look under Ports (Com and LPT) There you should see your USB adaptor listed with a COM port associated with it. Take note of this com port setting as we will use it later. (Example. COM5).
  4. Connect the Impinj Console Cable to the “Console” port on the reader and connect the other end to the USB to serial adapter.
  5. Download PuTTy SSH on to the host PC. Download PuTTy from the Argo Wireless Downloads page under Software Tools. Make sure you have registered with our website and are logged in before you attempt to download any files.
  6. Open up PuTTy and set up a serial connection to the reader. Do the following to set up PuTTy. See Figure 1.
    1. Select Serial as the connection type
    2. Set the COM port that was discovered in step 3 in the serial line
    3. Use 115,200 for the speed
  7. Press the Open button to open the connection.
  8. Connect the power to the reader by connecting the power supply.
  9. Watch the reader boot up. When the reader is done booting up log into the reader using the following login information: See Figure 2.
    1. Username: root
    2. Password: impinj
  10. You should now see a prompt waiting for you enter in a command. “>”
  11. To view current network settings enter the following command:
    1. Show network summary
  12. To set a static IP address use the following command:
    1. config network ip static
    2. An example command would be “config network ip static”
  13. A successful command will result in the following message:
    1. Status=’0,Success’
  14. The reader is now set with a static IP address of your choice. I would mark the outside of the reader with this IP address with a sticky note so you don’t forget what it is. 



                                          Figure 1: PuTTy main screen and settings




                               Figure 2: RShell Reader login screen