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How to wire up an electronic strike to the Impinj GPIO Box

Document Overview

This document will describe how to wire up the Impinj GPIO device to an electric strike plate powered by the external Impinj power supply at 24VDC and 250mA.

Equipment Needed:

  • Impinj Speedway Revolution Reader
  • Impinj GPIO Box
  • Hes 1006 Series Electric Strike @ .25 Amps 24v DC (an example device)
  • Set of Precision Screw Drivers
  • Tweezers
  • GPIO 15 Pin cable
  • (2) Impinj 24vDC Power Supplies



Process Flow 

  1. Open the cover of the GPIO and orientate the box with the 15 pin connector facing north, and the external cable opening facing west of the technician
  2. Set the power jumpers:
  3. With the top of the GPIO Box off and 15 pin connector facing South:
  4. A brand new GPIO box should have all its original jumpers set to the Right position or East; if not then move any out of place jumpers to the right position (see above image)
  5.     The GPIO is now set to accept 24VDC 250mA from the external power supply
  6. Wire in the Electronic Strike power wires:
  7. (NOTE: make sure the electronic strike is wired up for 24VDC 250mA power)
  8. (NOTE: There are 4 GPO blocks and 4 GPI blocks. Each block has 3 leads GND, OUT1, VCC.(example) All we are concerned with in this example is GND and OUT1)
  9. Locate the GPO bank of connectors.
  10. Locate the first GPO Block. Each block is labeled on the electrical board that should indicate GPO1, GPO2,  GPO3, GPO4 use the first one GPO1
  11. Wire up the strike with one lead connected to GND and the other one in GPO1
  12. The strike is now wired up
  13. Connect 15pin HID cable
  14. Using the cable that came with the GPIO box, connect the 15 pin HID cable from the reader to the GPIO device. If you don't have one or need a longer version you can get one (here). 
  15. Connect external power
  16. Connect the 110VAC power cord to the power supply
  17. Connect the power supply to the GPIO box and screw the connector on to ensure connectivity and that the power cable will not come loose
  18. Connect the power cable to a 110VAC source
  19. GPIO is now successfully wired in
  20. There are LED status lights that will flash as the GPIO is trigged to open and close the electronic strike device. 
  21.  Use the Multireader application to open and close the GPO1 terminal to see the strike open and close to test the solution


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