How to update the firmware on the Impinj Speedway Revolution Reader June 02, 2015

Document Overview

  • How to update the firmware on the Speedway Revolution reader and the XPortal

Equipment Needed

  • 1 – Impinj Speedway Revolution Reader
  • 1 – RJ45 network patch cable
  • 1 – Power supply and US power cable
  • 1 – Latest version of Octane firmware available at the Argo Wireless website, under the downloads menu. Unzip the archive to locate the XXX.UPG file. (firmware file)

Process Flow

  1. First start by checking what version of firmware is currently installed on the reader. Connect the network patch cable to the reader’s Ethernet port. Connect the other end to an open network jack on your host PC.
  2. Power up the reader by connecting the power supply and let the reader to boot up.
  3. Make sure your reader and your host PC are on the same sub network so they can communicate with a direct Ethernet connection.
  4. Check network connectivity by opening a command prompt (enter cmd in your Windows application search window)
  5. Enter the following command:
    1. ping
    2. Example: ping
    3. You should get a response showing connectivity
  6. Enter this IP address into a web browser such as Internet Explorer to enter the web GUI. Log in by entering in the following connection information:
    1. Username: root
    2. Password: Impinj
  7. You are now at the reader web interface. See Figure 1. Check the version of firmware that is installed by looking at the left menu called Detailed Information. Look for the Software Version line and look at the number there. If it says 4.8.0.XXX you have the latest firmware installed. If not, move on to the next step.
  8. Download the latest version of Octane reader firmware from the Argo Wireless website. You must be a registered user to access this part of the website. Click on the Downloads page at the top of the screen. Access the reader firmware section by going to:
    1. Downloads/Hardware firmware files/Impinj firmware/
    2. Download Octane 4.8.0 onto your host PC and unzip the archive to find the XXX.UPG file
  9. To install the firmware click on the Select Upgrade File “Choose File” button. Navigate to the xxx.UPG file. Select the file and then press the Upgrade button. 
  11. Locate and click on the Reboot button on the web GUI and the reader will reboot.
  12. The reader will reboot and the firmware will now be updated and activated.





         Figure 1: Impinj reader web interface 


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