Antenna Connectors

Standard vs. Reverse Polarity

Connector polarity can be a very confusing topic for most new RFID engineers so these rules will help you understand standard vs. reverse polarity

  • Connector polarity is determined by the tip used in the connector. If a male tip (a metal tip) is used in a male connector it is considered standard polarity
  • If the opposite tip is used, for example, if a female tip (receives a male tip) is used in a male connector than it is considered to be a reverse polarity connector 
  • TNC Male Connector

  • Reverse Polarity TNC Male Connector (also called RP-TNC)
  • Note that the male designation is due to the threaded connector housing that spins to connect with a matching female non-spinning connector and the standard vs. reverse polarity designation is due to the tip used in connector
  • Reverse polarity TNC connectors are the most common connector used in RFID