RP-TNC Connectors June 02, 2015

As stated previously the reverse polarity TNC connector is the most common connector in the RFID industry. This connector is commonly found as the antenna output/input connector on just about every RFID reader in the industry. Exceptions to this rule are hand held readers and integrated PCMCIA or USB RFID reader devices. Below are examples of this connector both male and female as well as the readers and antennas that use the RP-TNC connection.
  • Note: To order the correct antenna cables check what connector is used on your intended reader and what connector is used on your intended antenna. The most common configuration for a cable will require a RP-TNC Male to connect to the reader and then the appropriate end to connect to the antenna of your choice. 
  • To order the correct the cable for your application choose the opposite gender for the cable connectors vs. the ones used on the reader and the antenna. 
  • For example if the reader uses a RP-TNC Female and the antenna uses an N-Type Male (Motorola setup); then the cable should have a RP-TNC Male with an N-Type Female connector.
  • Reverse Polarity TNC Male Connector (RP-TNC Male)
  • Reverse Polarity TNC Female Connector (RP-TNC Female) 
Readers that use this connector: (RP-TNC Female)
  • Impinj: Speedway Revolution R420, R220
  • Alien: 9800, 9900+, 9900+EMA 
  • Motorola: FX9500-4, FX9500-8, XR440, XR400
  • Intermec: IF2
Readers that use this connector: (RP-TNC Male)

  • NA
Antennas that use this connector: (RP-TNC Female)

  • NA
Antennas that use this connector: (RP-TNC Male)

  • Impinj: LHCP & RHCP Far Field Antennas, Brickyard, 
  • MTI Wireless Edge: 7.5, 9.0 dB RHCP
  • Alien: Liniar, Circular Polarized, Wide Band Antennas 
  • Laird: Near Field, Near Field Dual Slant (2 connectors)

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